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There is No Stop in Us. Or You. Only Go.

Adventures abound in any direction we head, from right out our front door to half way or even around the entire planet.  Many times an adventure begins because we feel inspired to explore, to expand our horizons.  There are not many times where a 60 second television commercial will bring that sense of adventure to life almost immediately.

However, Delta has taken a travel commercial to a whole new level.  The simplicity of this commercial is almost entirely complex in a certain way. This level that Delta has taken is one where you don’t actually see an aircraft. In fact, you don’t really even see much for the first 45 seconds, but you know exactly what is taking place. Add in the calmness of Donald Sutherland’s voice descriptively telling us facts and details draws you into the commercial even more than before before telling us that there’s no stop in Delta or you the traveler.

Delta, along with their advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, New York, has produced another great addition to their “Keep Climbing” campaign.  Take a look at a few other pieces to this campaign including Up and Lift.

Feeling inspired to explore, visit Delta.com for over 375 destinations throughout the world to choose from.

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