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Welcome to Go Jetting’s Open Streets map.

Our goal is to bring you details and information about upcoming Open Street events. You’ll find a variety of information about these events here. You can click on cities on the map or scroll down to find event specific information.

What is an Open Street?
Open Streets initiatives temporarily close streets to automobile traffic and open them to cyclists, pedestrians and other modes of non-motorized transportation. Open Streets have quickly become one of the most innovative advancements in the livable cities movement. They are an increasingly common strategy in regions that are seeking innovative ways to encourage mode shift to sustainable modes of transportation, reduce traffic congestion, achieve economic and public health improvement. Many North American Open Streets initiatives draw inspiration from those held in Central and South America, where they are called “ciclovías.” The term, which translates to English as “bike path,” was coined in Bogotá, Colombia, a city that began experimenting with its model Ciclovía initiative in 1974.


SEATTLE, WA – Seattle Bicycle Sundays
On scheduled Sundays from May to September, a portion of Lake Washington Boulevard will be closed to motorized vehicles from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
2018 dates: May 20, 27; June 3, 17, 24; July 8, 15; August 19, 26; September 2, 9, 16

SPOKANE, WA – Spokane Summer Parkways
In 2018, Spokane Summer Parkways will be held on Thursday, June 21, 6:00-9:00 pm, in the Manito and Comstock neighborhoods.
2018 Date: Thursday, June 21 – 6:00-9:00 p.m.

MISSOULA, MT – Sunday Streets Missoula
Sunday Streets Missoula celebrates Missoula as a bikeable and walkable community.
2018 Date: Sunday, September 9

PORTLAND, OR – Sunday Parkways
Five traffic-free events through Portland’s beautiful neighborhoods. One exciting new route!
2018 dates: May 20, June 24, July 22, August 19, September 23

SALEM, OR – Open Streets Salem
Open Streets Salem is a free community event that began as Salem Sunday Streets in 2013 and usually occurs in September each year.
2018 date: Saturday, September 22 – 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

EUGENE, OR – Eugene Sunday Streets
Eugene Sunday Streets events promote healthy, active living by opening the city’s largest public space—its streets—for people to walk, bike and roll to discover active transportation in a safe, car-free environment.
2018 dates: Sunday, July 29 – 12:00-4:00 p.m.



HONOLULU, HI – Cycle on Hawaii
Cycle on Hawaii is a charitable organization founded in 2012 by a group of advocates for cyclists concerned about Hawaii’s sustainability, increasing obesity rates, and traffic safety.
2018 dates: No events scheduled

BERKELEY, CA – Sunday Streets Berkeley
The North Shattuck Association, Downtown Berkeley Association, Telegraph Business Improvement District, and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland are proud to team up in 2018 to present the 6th Sunday Streets Berkeley.
2018 date: June 3, 2018

CicLAvia is based in Los Angeles and hosts events in the Southern California region throughout the year.
2018 dates: April 22, June 24, September 30, December 2

LONG BEACH, CA – Beach Streets – Long Beach
During Beach Streets, different avenues in the city are closed to cars and opened up for walking, skating, biking, and more.
2018 date: August 25

OAKLAND, CA – Oaklavía
Oaklavía (pronounced ohk-la-VEE-ah) is Oakland’s Open Streets Initiative modeled after “Ciclovia”, which originated in Bogotá, Colombia.
2018 date: No events scheduled

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Sunday Streets SF
Inspired by the Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia, Sunday Streets is a series of free, fun events empowering local communities to transform 1-4 miles of car-congested streets into car-free community spaces for kids to play, seniors to stroll, organizations to connect and neighbors to meet.
2018 dates: March 11, 25; April 15, May 6, June 3, July 15, August 19, September 9, 23; October 14

SAN DIEGO, CA – CicloSDias
CicloSDias San Diego welcomes everyone to walk, ride, stroll and enjoy. Come experience this free open street event where there will be activities along the route, shops and restaurants open for business and neighbors and friends from all over coming together to make our streets come alive!
2018 date: No events scheduled

SAN JOSE, CA – Viva Calle San Jose
Viva CalleSJ is a free recreation program that temporarily closes miles of San Jose streets to bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play and explore the city like never before.
2018 date: September 23

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, CA – Open Streets Santa Cruz County
A day of play in the streets in a city within Santa Cruz county. Bike, dance, picnic, stroll in the street. Learn about local non-profit groups, listen to live music, and experience the joy of open, safe, spacious public space!
2018 dates: Watsonville – June 3, Santa Cruz – October 7

SALINAS, CA – Ciclovia Salinas
From Main Street to Sanborn Street, will open up for community members to enjoy recreational activities, such as running, biking, skating, dancing, playing and many others.
2018 date: October 7

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Santa Barbara Open Streets
Open Streets events traditionally rotate from neighborhood to neighborhood in order to highlight different areas of the community.
2018 date: No scheduled events



CiQlovía is the Albuquerque version of the global phenomenon known as ciclovía or open streets. The word refers to events where city streets are closed to cars and opened up to people on foot and on bike, outdoor exercise classes, shopping, live music and other activities.
2018 date: October 21

AUSTIN, TX – VIVA! Streets
Join the energetic fun at VIVA STREETS! ­ —  a free festival that invites you to play, get fit, people watch, and celebrate good health.
2018 date: September 13

CycloBia is a free event that temporarily transforms Brownsville streets into a car-free environment that will enable people to exercise and cycle safely on the streets.
2018 date: June 8

EL PASO, TX – Scenic Sundays
Scenic Sundays gives people the opportunity to walk, run, bike, or skateboard along Scenic Drive, and offers breathtaking views of El Paso and Juárez, Mexico.
2018 dates: Sundays – 6:00-11:00 a.m.

FORT WORTH, TX – Fort Worth Open Streets
Open Streets is a four-hour Sunday event that closes Magnolia Avenue to traffic and opens it up to cyclists, food trucks, dog-walkers, skateboarders, yoga classes, face-painters, and much more.
2018 date: April 15

HOUSTON, TX – Cigna Sunday Streets
SSHTX provides a family-friendly opportunity to be physically active four hours one Sunday a month, selected Houston streets are closed to motorized traffic allowing Houstonians to cycle, walk, run, dance, and socialize in the street.
2018 dates: March 25, April 22, May 20

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Open Streets Oklahoma City
Open Streets OKC is a local health and wellness project. We believe active transportation–like biking or walking from point A to B–promotes healthier residents with closer ties to their community.
2018 dates: April 8, October 7

PHOENIX, AZ – Silent Sundays
During the 4th Sunday of every month the park’s main, Central Ave., entrance roadways are closed to motor vehicles, reserving the roadways for the entire day, from 5 a.m. thru park closure, for non-motorized activities.
2018 dates: 4th Sunday of every month

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Síclovía
Síclovía is a free event that turns major city streets into a safe place for people to exercise and play.The streets become temporarily car-free for about 5 hours on Sundays for families to run, ride bikes, take exercise classes and enjoy their city streets.
2018 date: September 30

TUCSON, AZ – Cyclovia Tucson
Spanish word signifying the temporary closure of a network of streets to cars so that they become “open” to  people. During Cyclovia anyone can bike, walk, skate and participate in fun, free activities.
2018 date: April 8



BLOOMINGTON, IN – Open Streets Bloomington
Open Streets strives to improve community relationships, encourage livable public spaces, and generate more opportunities for cultural understanding through the creative use of streets and public spaces.
2018 dates: No events scheduled

CHICAGO, IL – Bike the Drive
Paid event. With Chicago recently being named the #1 bicycling city in America by Bicycling magazine, what better way to celebrate than with a ride on the city’s crown jewel roadway — Lake Shore Drive. So grab your bike and enjoy almost 5 hours of car-free riding.
2018 date: May 27

COLUMBUS, OH – Open Streets Columbus
Open Streets Columbus is looking to schedule additional events in the future.
2018 date: No scheduled events

DETROIT, MI – Open Streets Detroit
Open Streets Detroit is a free, safe and inclusive event that brings Detroiters together in the streets by providing opportunities for fitness, recreation and community building along 3.5 miles of roadway.
2018 date: August 11

EVANSTON, IL – Streets Alive! Evanston
Walk, bike, skate and scooter up and down Main Street!
2018 date: September 9

EVANSVILLE, IN – Evansville Streets Alive Festival
Connecting people and places, promote active lifestyles, and advocate for the development of multi-use trails.
2018 date: June 3

FARGO, ND – Streets Alive! Fargo
The fun open-street festivals plant the idea that people walking or biking to work or play is normal and exhilarating.
2018 dates: June 24, August 26

BikeWalkKC is a member-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to make Greater Kansas City a safer and more accessible place to walk, bicycle, live, work, and play.
2018 dates: Various dates

LINCOLN, NE – Lincoln Streets Alive!
Streets Alive! is an outdoor movement festival celebrated in cities across America and the world that cordons off a section of a city to let people literally play in the streets.
2018 date: September 23

Imagine taking a stroll down one of Louisville’s bustling urban corridors, not on the sidewalk, but right down the middle of the street. CycLOUvia is your opportunity to experience Louisville as you never have before, by walking, cycling, skateboarding, or dancing in the street.
2018 date: June 24

MADISON, WI – Ride the Drive
Ride the Drive is more than just closing roads to traffic. At this year’s Ride the Drive, stroll, roll, pedal or glide your way to three downtown area parks—join us at Brittingham Park, Olin Park and Law Park! Select the park name for a complete listing of activities, food, fun and entertainment at each park!
2018 date: June 3

Ciclovia MKE is a free public event that opens a route of car-free streets to bike, play, and exercise.
2018 dates: June 17, August 20

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Open Streets Minneapolis
Open Streets Minneapolis is a free event bringing together community groups and local businesses to temporarily close major thoroughfares to car traffic, opening them up for people walking, biking, rolling, and playing.
2018 dates: July 22, August 5, 26, September 15, 23, 30

WICHITA, KS – Open Streets ICT
A FREE community-building event that closes 4 miles of Douglas Avenue to traffic & opens the iconic street to biking, walking, running, dancing, yoga & more!
2018 date: September 23



ATLANTA, GA – Atlanta Streets Alive
Atlanta Streets Alive opens streets for people by temporarily closing them to cars to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience.
2018 dates: April 8, June 10, September 30

CORAL GABLES, FL – Bike Walk Coral Gables
Bike Walk Coral Gables envisions a Coral Gables community that values cycling and walking as safe and healthy forms of transportation and recreation.
2018 dates: Various events

NASHVILLE, TN – Open Streets Nashville
Open Streets Nashville is a movement to activate people, strengthen businesses and inspire public spaces by temporarily closing streets to cars.
2018 dates: No events scheduled

PENSACOLA, FL – Ciclovia Open Streets
Five miles of roadway running down the middle of historic Pensacola’s business district and along our beautiful Bayfront will be filled with energy and activities for all!
2018 date: March 24

SAVANNAH, GA – Savannah Play Streets
Each event will bring the arts, active games and activities for families and local foods to different parts of the City, supported by local community groups.
2018 dates: April 28, May 19, October 19, 26



ITHACA, NY – Streets Alive! Ithaca
Streets Alive! Ithaca is, at its simplest, a day where the streets are closed to cars and open to people.
2018 dates: May 5, September 16

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – New Brunswick Ciclovia
New Brunswick Ciclovia – a free, citywide initiative that closes the streets to cars and opens them to people.
2018 date: October 14

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Summer Streets
On the first three Saturdays in August between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., nearly seven miles of New York City’s streets are open to the public to play, run, walk and bike.
2018 dates: August 4, 11, 18

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Philly Free Streets
Philly Free Streets is a people-powered initiative of the City of Philadelphia. Philly Free Streets temporarily closes streets to cars, inviting people to walk, bike, and play.
2018 date: August 11

PITTSBURGH, PA – Open Streets Pittsburgh
OpenStreetsPGH is a free event series run by BikePGH. We host three community-building, family-friendly, city-transforming events in Pittsburgh every summer.
2018 dates: May 27, June 24, July 28

PORTLAND, ME – Sundays on the Boulevard
Come on down to Baxter Boulevard and take advantage of one of the best views in Portland. You can ride bikes, run, picnic, and otherwise enjoy the car-free landscape!
2018 dates: Sundays, May 6 – September 23

Washington DC’s only closed-road bike ride. one day, 20 miles and zero cars. Additionally, Open Streets DC (currently in formation stage) is actively working to bring an open street event to the Washington, DC area.
2018 date: May 19



The Ciclovía Bogota service from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm every Sunday and holidays of the year by the main roads of the city. Bogota was where cicliovia events started over 40 years ago.
2018 dates: Every Sunday

HALIFAX, NS – Cycle Halifax
Switch Halifax was an event that brought people to open streets while inviting them to, switch their cars “off” and switch “on” the street with entertainment, markets, recreation and activities all connected by active transportation paths. This event is currently inactive.
2018 date: No events scheduled

HAMILTON, ON – Open Streets Hamilton
By closing the road to motorized vehicles, Open Streets Hamilton “opens” the street to pedestrians, cyclists and all forms of active transportation (including wheelchairs) to walk, ride or roll down!
2018 date: No events scheduled

MONTREAL, QC – Go Bike Montréal
Getting together, having fun, creating memories – that’s what it’s all about! The popular events of Go Bike Montréal Festival are a wonderful opportunity to bike stress-free with family and friends along an untimed route, in the company of thousands of other two-wheel enthusiasts. Like riding a bike, this Festival just comes naturally!
2018 date: May 27 – June 3

OTTAWA, ON – Sunday Bikedays
Every Sunday morning during the summer, over 30 miles of roads in the heart of Ottawa and nearby Gatineau Park are closed to motor vehicles and open for cyclists, in-line skaters, runners and pedestrians.
2018 dates: Sundays, May 20 – September 2

QUITO, ECUADOR – Ciclopaseo
A route of about 20 miles, running from the North to South of the city is closed to traffic every Sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to give preference to bikes and pedestrians.
2018 dates: Various

SANTIAGO, CHILE – CicloRecreoVia
Every Sunday morning 32 kilometres of roads in Santiago de Chile are reserved for cyclist, runners, skaters, etc. This is called “CicloRecreoVía” The program started in 2006 and meets every Sunday to 34,000 people 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

In northern Chile CicloRecreoVía is implemented each Sunday in the city of Antofagasta on the waterfront along 2.5 miles car-free.
2018 dates: Every Sunday

TORONTO, ON – Open Streets Toronto
Open Streets TO is the city’s largest free recreation program, unlike any other in Toronto or Canada. We’ve created a world-class program that connects our diverse neighborhoods and people across the city.
2018 dates: August 19, September 16

VANCOUVER, BC – Car Free Vancouver
Car Free Day celebrates the vibrancy of Vancouver’s diverse neighborhoods by organizing a multi-site annual arts and culture festival that reclaims traffic thoroughfares as community focused public spaces.
2018 date: July 8

WINNIPEG, MB – Ciclovia
Ciclovia is Winnipeg’s celebration of Open Streets for bikes during ManyFest in September.
2018 date: September 7-9


Is there an Open Street event that we’ve missed? Or details of a current event that need editing? Feel free to contact us with updated information or details of another event to add to the list.


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